Adrianne Rubenstein - Episode 9

Adrianne Rubenstein makes paintings that shift between natural representation and abstraction, and feature a beautifully deceptive balance of seriousness, self-critique and humor. Adrianne talks about how the minutiae of nature has influenced her work, growing up in Montreal, the benefits of determined hard work, how working on behalf of other artists as a gallery director has shaped her own practice, and not being in a rush to make huge paintings.

An Hoang - Episode 7

An Hoang makes atmospheric and evocative abstract paintings that are influenced by observation and memory, and highlight an interest in how color can suggest a sense of wonder. An discusses how she prefers to have a blank mind while painting, the heartfelt joy of walking in the woods with her daughter, living outside of New York City and commuting to her studio space in Brooklyn, and learning how to facilitate and steer studio visits.

Nicholas Noe - Episode 6

Nicholas Noe is a co-founder of, and a contributor to the BBC, Al-Jazeera International, The New York Times and The Guardian, among other celebrated media outlets. In this unorthodox, post-election episode, Nic talks about the 2016 presidential campaign, his pragmatic approach to analyzing and listening to vastly different political view points, the importance of human interaction, and the potential new roles artists might have in our current political discourse.